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As I sit here, at the end of my day....

I can't help but think how blessed I am, my life is hectic, crazy, and I am always on the go! My phone is always attached to me, so I can keep up with the task of running this business(that is when my tots haven't stolen it to put on paw patrol! LOL). Staying organised is probably the biggest and constant struggle in my life, but without fail (so far, fingers crossed I didn't just jinx myself) I keep on creating and dreaming of every single order, and treat I create. To me, this is not just a job, it's my life, I could take it easy, I could slow down, but I don't want to. I love the rush of creating 600 cookies in a week to fulfill someone else's wishes of making Christmas present for their clients, or spending WAY to much time creating a three their cake until 5am. If you ever see me with bags under my eyes, and just the look of pure exhaustion on my face, that is when creativity won over my sanity.

I woke up last night, thinking of one of my teachers from school, and what he had said to me when I was blocked; which was "keep a journal beside your bed, you have the most creative thoughts when you have just fallen asleep, wake up and write them down, they might not always make sense, but it will keep your mind turning for new ideas". Last night, I woke up out of a dead sleep, dreaming of a cookie, and once again I am blessed by having a wonderful teacher once upon a time.

Unrelated topic : I will post the photos and walk through when I get to it. It will be a 3D cookie, and take days, if not weeks. I would never dream of selling something like this, not for any "reasonable amount" anyways. But it will a work of art, and I cannot wait to continue to share my passion of creating an art out of food.

My life, may be hectic, crazy, etc, but it also gives me a reason to create and express my thoughts and passion with the world. And that I am so incredibly thankful for.

Thank you, for supporting this mom, and her business, which without all of you, wouldn't be much.

<3 Marissa.

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