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My name is Marissa, & I am the dessert artist behind the name MJ Cakery, and a stay-at-home, work-a-holic mom to three beautiful girls. Without them, MJ Cakery would never have been born.


MJ Cakery... who is she? She was born 6 years ago, on August 26th, 2015.

I had just made my oldest daughter, Madison’s birthday cake (M in MJ Cakery). It was a Ariel cake, (fun fact! Ariel is my favorite Disney princess) & this cake was the deciding factor to share my love of cake decorating!


It was shortly after my 2nd daughter Jade (The J in MJ Cakery) was born. She is my little firecracker, which some of you have met during pickup! She is my hip attachment and growing more and more curious every day of what mommy is doing in the kitchen. How many 2-year-olds do you know, that can tell you what fondant is?!  Mine can... we flash card it up, with pictures of cakes & cupcakes! Ha-ha… that’s what happens when you are a baker's daughter.


& last, but certainly not least, is my little Charli (Named after Cakery with a C… yep..  I did that). She is the only 1 at the moment! Full of life, and we are expecting her to charm us with her personality over the years to come. (UPDATE : Shes 6 NOW! Where has the time gone?)


Over the past three years, I have gotten the honor to create many delicious treats for many, and it has been the most rewarding job. Aside from being a mom, and raising my daughters of course! Learning new ways to bake and decorate. I commit to making the ordering and pickup process as seamless as possible. While baking fresh, & completely from scratch in absolutely everything that walks out the door. From the cake, to the caramel sauce.


My #1 Priority is to provide you a beautiful dessert, that tastes just as delicious as it looks! Making your sweet ideas into a reality for you, your friends, and your families to enjoy.

xoxo -your local baker 
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