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Custom Cakes

Whether you're looking for an "out of this world" cake, or a simple birthday cake. The options are endless to create the perfect dessert to celebrate a family member or friend.

Check out the flavor menu!


Classic & Mini Cupcakes

Simple swirls of icing, or fondant decor, the options are endless! 

Classic Cupcakes with a simple swirl of Icing - Start @ $40/Dozen 
Classic Cupcakes w/filling, & swirl of Icing - Start @ $48/Dozen
*Minimum order of  1 flavor per dozen cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes with a swirl of icing = $18/Dozen
Mini Cupcakes, swirl of icing & small garnishes = $25/Dozen
* Minimum order of 2 dozen mini Cupcakes


Cake Pops
Simple Dipped with Sprinkles - $42/Dozen
Ultimate Cake Pops (Cat heads, Foxes, etc)  - Start @ $60/Dozen
*Minimum order of  1 flavor per dozen 


Sugar Cookies

Do you need cookies for a birthday party, wedding favors for all your guests? Cookies can be made in an assortment of flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Swirl, or Lemon. 

Custom Cookies Start at $54/Dozen

*cookies are on average 3-4" in size


Cookie Decorating Kits

Pick a theme / Pick a color Scheme 

6 Cookie kit - $25.00 + gst 

12 Cookie Kit - $35.00 + gst 

18 Cookie Kit - $45.00 + gst 

Paint Your Own Cookies 

$7.00/Each (Pick any theme) 

Cookie, Edible Pallete, & Paintbrush

Just add water to the paintbrush, and dip in the edible paint dots to

paint on your cookie.


Macarons - $35/Dozen
Minimum 1 flavor per dozen for a custom order.
Make sure to hit subscribe to get notifications of asso
rted macaron presales! 




Custom Baked Goods 

Send an email to inquire further about custom pricing, this is just to give you a rouch idea! 

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