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Ordering a Custom CAKE!

Ordering a cake can be stressful! Your not quite sure what to ask, or what you need to know to get your order started. Im hoping to explain this to you in a pretty simplistic way. 

Step 1 ; What do you want the Cake to look like? 

    - Do you have a theme in mind? 

    - Color Scheme? 

    - Maybe you have a napkin or invitation you are basing the event around. Any ideas are welcome while we work together to figure out exactly what you need your dessert to look like! 

Step 2 ; Choose a Cake Flavor! 

    - Choose a Cake - See the list below! 

    - Choose a Filling! - See the list below 

    - Choose an Icing (In most cases vanilla buttercream is the most requested flavor)  

* I use a Mock Swiss Meringue Recipe, but can also make an America style buttercream as well if you are looking for something sweeter (or egg-free) 

Step 3 ; Get in touch! 

    - Head over to the contact page  & send a quote request/fill out an order form

    - Let me know how many servings you need. (how many people does your order need to feed) 

    - & ask any and all questions! :) 

Is it easter yet? No? Well maybe it shou


Vanilla    |   Chocolate    |    Red Velvet    |     Raspberry Swirl    |    Blueberry Swirl     |    Carrot 

Chocolate/Vanilla Marble    |    Oreo    |    Lemon   |    Strawberry    |    Neapolitan

Cinnamon Swirl    |    Pumpkin Spice    |    Maple Bacon


Vanilla Custard    |    Chocolate Custard    |     White Chocolate Custard    |    White Chocolate

Cream Cheese    |   Fruit Compote( Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach, Cherry)    |   Lemon

Salted Caramel    |    Chocolate Cookie Fudge    |    Bavarian Creme    |    Chocolate Mouuse

Whipped Cream & Fresh Berries    |    Chocolate Ganache (White, Milk, Dark)    |    



Ok - so quick Note ; My go-to Icing is a Mock Swiss Meringue recipe. Its light and not to sweet. (this will make you crave more and more cake.. Eat cake Responsibly. 

     ----------   IF you are in need of an egg-free Icing, a Traditional American Buttercream can be made, but it is heavier & sweeter than my go-to. 

Vanilla   |    Chocolate   |   Strawberry    |    Raspberry    |    Caramel    |    Coffee

Cookies and Cream *speckled finish    |    Lemon     |    Hazelnut    |    Whipped Cream 

Cream Cheese (Real Cream Cheese Is only on cupcakes, Extracts will be used in tiered cakes)

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