& then they fell in love... with cake 


Once upon a time... two people met and fell in love. Then decided to enter into a life together, and share that moment with all their family and friends. They then spent months putting all the little details together, finding a venue, securing a caterer, and selecting the perfect flowers or greenery to go with the event of a lifetime. & Then those two people needed a cake, a cake that said a little something about who they are, a cake that stood out, or just a cake to serve. Those people found MJ Cakery, and when they cut their cake, they were overwhemeled with a delicious cake! 


Here at MJ Cakery… my number one priority is taste & look as well, but what is the point in cake if its not beautiful from the inside as well! If you are in the search of your cake artist for your next event, or wedding. Please get in touch today! 

Sending all the love and positivity your way!


MJ Cakery