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12 Pack of Regular Sized Cupcakes


Pickup 930-11am or 5-6pm

*if you need an alternative pickup time, please reach out before you place the order. :) 



Flavors included ;

  1. Angel good cake with whipped cream & fresh strawberries
  2. Lemon with lemon curd filling and a meringue topping toasted with crumble
  3. Chocolate Cake, raspberry compote, raspberry icing & fresh raspberry
  4. Vanilla Cake with Bavarian creme filling & chocolate icing, dipped in chocolate ganache
  5. Chocolate Oreo Cake with Cookie Fudge Filling, Chocolate Cookie Crumble Icing with a mini Oreo on top.
  6. Vanilla Cake with Lemon Filling & Lemon Icing
  7. Raspberry swirl cake with raspberry compote filling & cream cheese icing
  8. Red Velvet cake with Whipped cream cheese filling & cream cheese icing
  9. Cinnamon Bun Cake with salted Caramel filling & Cream cheese icing drizzled in more salted caramel & cinnamon 
  10. Vanilla Cake with peach compote filling & peach icing 
  11. Blueberry Swirl with lemon filling & blueberry icing & fresh berries on top 
  12. Chocolate Marble Cupcakes with Bavarian creme filling & Chocolate/vanilla icing 



** All cupcakes are made with my go-to Swiss meringue icing (contains EGGS!) 


The tasting sale is not able to accommodate GLUTEN FREE, Egg FREE, or DAIRY FREE at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience! <3 


* Cupcakes as shown are not what they will look like but they are tasting sales I have run in the past to give you and idea of what you are getting! :) 


You will get ONE of each FLAVOR! 

Due to the fact that I dont have an in store purchase option. this is a great way to test out new flavors! :) 


These are Regular sized Cupcakes in sets of 12! 

Contains ; Eggs, Wheat, & Dairy 


Cupcakes - Tasting Sale (assorted)

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