The Centerpiece of a party (even if we don't have those anymore), the joy on your son or daughters face upon their first glance at their birthday cake. A cake is more than deliciously stacked carbs, waiting for your first moist bite. It's a way to say "I love you", "your special", "this day is special". Small little cakes can make our small dinner at home just a little bit more personal. 

Whats your sugar fix? 


Seriously.. have you seen how cute a cupcake can be? They can be turned into Pokeball's, watermelons, simple swirls, or something personal and intimate. They are small, cute, and pack a sweet little bite. 
Simple swirls, or fully decked out.. Filled with fudge, or just cupcake and icing, What is your cupcake of choice? 

Sugar Cookies

Cake Pops

A ball of cake, dipped in chocolate and decorated to match any decor. 

Sugar Cookies

Cookies.. they hold a special place in my heart..  You can do ANYTHING with a cookie! 
My personal favorite is making little miniature houses, every corner decorated with maximum details! Thats not a typical order, just a passion project of mine. 
Get in touch, and lets talk about your cookie needs!