Its more than "just a cake"...

Every single cake that walks out the door, a little piece of my soul goes with it. The past three years, have been a rollercoaster of skill-making, and learning what works, and what doesn't. Learning with every cake, every cupcake, and cookie what it means to be a artist. Decorating cakes, may take a lot of work, but it's more than a job, its my passion, and it is a beautiful way to bring a smile to someone's special day. & that is a priceless memory.

Every cake, it is a dream come true, for myself, for you, and for all my clients. Making something that taste's down-right delicious, and makes you say "oh my, no way that is actually a cake". 

Please, get in touch today, by email, Facebook, Instagram or call! I cannot wait to chat about your up & coming dream cake.

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Est Since 2015 - MJ Cakery 

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