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Custom Cakes
Buttercream Cakes & Fondant Cakes are by quote!

(Please fill out an inquiry form on the contact page for your custom quote)


Classic & Mini Cupcakes

Classic Cupcakes with a simple swirl of Icing - Start @ $35/Dozen 
Classic Cupcakes w/filling, & swirl of Icing - Start @ $42/Dozen
*Minimum order of  1 flavor per dozen cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes with a swirl of icing = $15/Dozen
Mini Cupcakes, swirl of icing & small garnishes = $20/Dozen
* Minimum order of 2 dozen mini Cupcakes



Cake Pops
Simple Dipped with Sprinkles - $36/Dozen
Ultimate Cake Pops (Cat heads, Foxes, etc)  - Start @ $55/Dozen
*Minimum order of  1 flavor per dozen 



Sugar Cookies
Vanilla Sugar Cookie with Vanilla Royal Icing
Start at $48/Dozen
* cookies are an average size of 3-4" 

I do also offer other sizes, if you are in need of a custom size, or a platter of small/large cookies just let me know in the quote/order request form on the contact page.


Macarons - $30/Dozen
Minimum 1 flavor per dozen for a custom order.
Make sure to hit subscribe to get notifications of assorted macaron presales! 


Drop Cookies/Bakes
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies
Cinnamon Buns w/cream cheese
Brownies with Chocolate Drizzle Topping
Banana Bread Loaf

Mini Chocolate Cheese Cakes



Full Menu Of everything MJ Cakery Offers, Explore more in depth in their individual Categories

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